Friday, July 11, 2014

Cape York 2014 - Punsand Bay to The Tip

Our journey to the tip was completed today. After a relaxing morning at camp we loaded the kids into the car again and decided to take the short cut road up to the tip. We had been given several warnings that the road was boggy and to walk each crossing before driving them. We did what what were told and thankfully had no troubles at all. A 7km track took us 35 minutes to drive - not quite sure what was short about that.
Lots of mud along the short cut track. 

 On arriving at the Tip car park we set off up the rocky path with Nathan catching a ride on Colin's shoulders. We set a slow and steady pace being careful not to trip or twist ankles on the uneven ground. Eventually we clambered down the very last section of path to the northern most point of mainland Australia. We all had a sigh of relief and felt an amazing sense of achievement. The views were amazing.

Team Bray at the TIP!

The walk to the Tip.

Nathan conquering the Tip on his crutches. 

The view along the way.

Colin's shoulders getting a workout. 

Wally even made it as well. 

Nathan decided he wanted to walk back himself. Colin's shoulders weren't arguing. Slowly and carefully Nathan navigated his own path carefully using his crutches to support himself. He was very proud of himself when he eventually made it back to the car.

Driving on the beach at the TIP - Colin just had to do it. 

From here we drove out to Sommerset Beach. Stopped at a memorial site and headed to a beach. It was quite windy so we headed back to find a sheltered spot for lunch.


Somerset Beach
After quick look around and a late lunch at the Somerset Camp groundand we headed into Bamaga to stock up on some groceries and a catch up with the Begg's camping out at Seisa.

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