Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter 2012 - Levuka V2.0

 Where did we go - Levuka 4x4 Park

When - Easter 2012

How long did we stay - 4 nights

Vehicle / Caravan - Patrol & Jeep & Expanda

Funny moments

  •  the look on Amanda's face as she tried to stop her Patrol sliding down a hill backwards in the mud.
  • the fact that the HUGE MASSIVE tarp supplied by Shano stayed up perfectly fine until 3 minutes before we wanted to pull it down. Man that was one huge tarp !!
  • Amanda and her team for taking out the final prize on the night run. The ONLY ALL GIRLS TEAM too I noticed !!

Where's Wally - Wally got a bit muddy this trip .. but he still came out to play in one shot. You'll see him in the Short Levuka Video too.

This was another top weekend with a great bunch of people. Shane & Monique were back with the Pajero after sufffering 'some' damage last year. The awesome traction control was the strong point on this beast.
 Glenn & Lynne were back with the might Bravo now with the Front Lokka. Glenn had just fitted a Diff drop which seems to have contribtued to a CV joint popping open on the first outing. That didnt stop him though. Glenn spent the rest of the day in either 2 or 3 wheel drive. A few hours back at camp and it was all sorted - Glenn removed the Diff Drop components.
Christian & Hannah joined the group for the first time and had a great time getting their Patrol  dirty. At the time of writing we are still waiting to see if those scratches will polish out.

Chris & Sarah joined us again in a car that cannot be seen here. Well, not yet anyhow. Chris  was on the receiving end of another recovery ... funnily enough only 50m from that same place as last year. Here's hoping we get Chris into a Jeep next year.

Bevan & Tracy brought the CRV back but wisely left it at camp this year. Bevan was awesome with the video camera capturing some great moments. Tracy had a new camera and took some great shots throughout the weekend !! Most of the pics you see here are from Tracy .. THANK YOU TRACY !!

Amanda's Patrol was now completly wrapped in ARB steel protection .. built like a tank now. After selling the Bravo and quickly finding a Jeep it was modified by Westside 4x4 in time for Easter - OME suspension, JKS Swaybar disconnects, Front Diff Lock. If only I had listened ... this Jeep didn't really need a diff lock. We'll save that for some tougher tracks !!

All the kids had a ball. Madi had a broken foot but got around OK. The Easter Egg hunt was the hightlight for at least one (Nathan) who could not stop talking about it.

One night we had a visit from Mark who threatens (er promises) to join us with his family for next year.


22min Video of Levuka 4x4 Trips

Pajero waving to us


Trying to make the Jeep wave a wheel - didn't happen

Crazy Loz

Leech !!!

Jeep in the Test Track

Jeep playing in the mud

Jeep showing off

Lizzie being VERY OBEDIENT

Lou Lou chilling

... it was Hawaiin day OK ??

Our Madi  ♥    

Madi with her broken foot (a last day of school accident)

Ready for the EASTER EGG HUNT !!

Hunting for EGGS !!

Teachermum sharing out the eggs



Reuben with a HOLEY LEAF



Nice rear end !!

Jeep in the Creek Crossing

Jeep still in the Creek Crossing

Christian making the creek crossing more exiting by tying to avoid sliding off the edge of this log

Yep, the tracks get steep around here - Graeme's Track

Having a wave coming up Graeme's track

Jeep with ROOF CAM 

Shano - Hawaiin style

Tracy & Georgie chilling at camp

The gang, sorry Chris, Sarah and Winnie had gone home

Chris & Winnie

A pic of our toys at home - Jeep flex :)

A familiar site - someone working on a Bravo CVjoint - he fixed it !!

Best Buddies - Lou Lou & Nathan

At the top Grames track

How many blokes does it take to hold up a pole ??

Mmmm, Breakfast !!

Wally & the boys

Sshh,there's a secret car in there :)

Haha, sorry Ollie this is mine



Teachermum playing in a Creek Crossing

OOPS - number plate GONE !!

Nice one. Sharing the love

Looked good - wasnt cooked enough tho 

Nathan batting, Lizzie fielding.

Morning tea time - Pancakes

No caption required - dont accept food from this man

Patrol got a real workout this trip