Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept 2010 trip - Day 5 - Carnarvon Gorge

Today we did a 7.5klm nature which tested the team. So many cool places along the way to Moss Gardens. We finally met some friendly people - we had started to wonder whether this place attracted different sorts of campers cause no-one here seemed real friendly today. By the time we got back to camp the kids thought they had walked a Marathon. A quick lunch and we headed out to the Rock pools for a relax.
At night we had a guided tour with Simon. We saw heaps of the Nightlife including various types of Frogs, Gliders, Kangaroos and a few owls. This was a great walk - just a shame for Nathan as his legs 'would not work'

Action Kids

Madi & Loz on the way to Moss Gardens

Moss Gardens

Nathan being Nathan

Sept 2010 trip - Day 4 - Carnarvon Gorge

Day 4 we left the farm at Roma and made our way to Carnarvon Gorge. Along the way we saw where a car was washed away in flood waters.
We set up in record time and went for a walk to check out the Platypus pool. No Platypus but a few Kangaroo and Turtles.
Later we sat and listened to Simon - the local bloke that knows all about the place. He'll be taking us on a Night Nature Walk to see the local Night Life.

Arriving at Takaraka

Takaraka Carnarvon Camp

Listening to Simon - he ran the night tour

Some more Carnarvon pics

Jumping for joy at the Rock Pools

A big tree

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sept 2010 trip - Day 6 - Carnarvon Gorge

Wow, what a day!! Even after having a lazy morning recovering from yesterdays walk we still achieved heaps. We walked up the Lookout at the Campgrounds. An easy 10 min walk to stretch the sore muscles. Great view. AB did a John Travolta pose at the top - see pic
We then headed to Mickeys Creek. Awesome sights in here as we kept going past the end of the formed track and climbed into the Gorge. All of a sudden the temp dropped and the kids forgot all about their sore legs. The massive rock formation above our heads was incredible with water dripping out once the sandstone level ended. There are SO many cool pics to upload from this day but I'm limited to 5 per email :( more later
After the short 3km Mickeys walk we headed back to the Rock pool for a quick swim. Once the kids turned blue from the cold water we headed back to camp.
We leave this place tomorrow (Thurs) and head North east for a few hours. We have a few places picked out but are not sure where we will stop. Hopefully Thursday we get mobile phone coverage again and these last 3 blogs will get sent.
Oh, and the vibe of the place changed today. Everyone became friendly. We met heaps of campers from young families to retired couples to Barristers and Deputy Principals. Quite amazing to see the modest setups of the people with the most to spend. They all just enjoyed getting out and exploring.

Amanda Travolta ?? at the Lookout near camp

Mickeys Creek walk

near Mickey's Creek

Walk back from the Rock Pools

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sept 2010 Trip - Day 3 - Meadowbank Farmstay Roma

Day 2 at Meadowbank was a long day. In the morning we hung out with the owners while they fed the orphaned calf.
Later we went for a walk and searched for phone reception so AB could phone Takaraka @ Carnarvon- our next stop. We have the "all clear" to head up there tomorrow.
A dry warm day meant we could get some washing done. AB and Madi scrubbed clothes - old skool.
We spotted some magpies going nuts at something in a nearby tree. A closer look revealed one big lizard!! Wally went in closest!
In the afternoon there was some drama as a stray dog came onto the property and attacked some sheep. After farm owner Don carried the injured sheep back to safety he headed back past us with his rifle. One bullet later and Don's problem was solved.
Tomorrow we head to Takaraka near Carnarvon Gorge - no phone reception or blog updates for a few days


Watching the calf being fed
Morning chores on the farm
Farmer Madi
Wally v Lizzard

Nathan envious of the 'man on the noisy bike'

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sept 2010 trip - Day 2 - Meadowbank Farmstay in Roma

Day 2 we arrived at Roma. Staying 2 nights at Meadowbank Farmstay.
This place has seen heaps of rain recently. As we set up a big storm passed to the North. After we set up we went down to the creek and watched how fast the level rose. It was amazing to see the water level coming up and all the debris washing down stream.
Watching the radar we are not do sure which way we will be heading next. Roads to the North and West have been closed after rain over the past few days.

Camp - the last guests got bogged

Watching the river rise

Luckily there were 3 tractors for 3 kids !!

Sept 2010 trip - Day 1 - Chinchilla Weir

Sept 2010 Chinchilla Weir. A nice free stay only 9 klm from town. Power was available but we camped near the water and could not reach it.
Down at the Weir we were fascinated by a show of huge fish trying to get upstream, jumping high into the air.We met some nice families of travellers - one couple were into birds. Madi became a Bird Nerd.

Chinchilla Camp
We have pics of the fish jumping - INSERT HERE !!
Watching the fish

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 2010 Carnarvon Gorge

Where did we go 
Chinchilla Weir
Roma - Meadowbank Farmstay
Carnarvon Gorge
Wuruma Dam


When - Sept 2010

How long was the trip - 9 nights

Vehicle / Caravan - Patrol/Expanda

Well .. this was the planned journey - i'll update with the Actual SOON