Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2016 Uluru Roadtrip - Mt Isa

Although there was no time for a sleep- in at Mt Isa we still found time for bacon and eggs. The local Pidgeons were very interested in the seed we brought with us. Two Kytes were nesting nearby and were tempted by a piece of bacon Colin threw out for them.



After a good breakfast we were off to the Hard Time Mine Tour. We were all kitted out in our orange overalls (apparently everyone looks good in orange) and we headed underground. We heard all about the old style mining methods and what the dangers of underground mining were. After a light snack in the miners crib we saw daylight again. The tour went for 2.5 hours and we all really enjoyed it.

Nathan & Earl
Nathan & Early Trying to lift a VERY heavy lump of Copper



Ready for Work
Ready for Work


Miners Selfie
Miners Selfie


Minor Miner
Minor Miner



Chill Out Time
Chill Out Time



Afterwards we spent more time exporting the museum and fossil centre. It ended up filling up most of our day so we headed back to the van for some relax time.

Mt Isa was definitely more interesting than we expected it to be.


Monday, June 27, 2016

2016 Uluru Roadtrip - Winton - Mt Isa

We rolled out of Winton by 8am. This started to become a regular time - wake up at 7am, dressed, breakfast, tea&coffee, pack up and on the road by 8am. The kids were not always cheery about this arrangement but soon settled down once in the nice warm car.

Each morning in the car kicked off with a Willie Nelson Classic - On the Road Again. Strange but True.




This was another big day of driving so breaks were short and sweet. A quick stop and walk around the pub used in the movie 'Crocodile Dundee' was the highlight of the morning. We were quite ashamed that our kids didn't actually know who Mick Dundee was. We'd better add that to the movie list.


Walkabout Creek Hotel
Walkabout Creek Hotel


Wal's Poor old girl
Wal's Poor Old Girl Rusting Away




Welcome to Mt Isa
Welcome to Mt Isa

The road from Cloncurry to Mt Isa was quite interesting. It was no longer flat.

We rolled into Mt Isa and headed straight to the servo. After a very long wait - for some guy to fill 2 tanks on his cruiser we finally were able to fill up. During the wait Colin discovered a problem with the rear tyres on the car. They were wearing unevenly. It ended up being a problem with the wheel alignment / weight of the van which we got fixed in Alice Springs after a temporary fix in Mt Isa.



Y62 Tyre wear
LH edge wearing away too fast


After setting up camp we had time to go check out the view of the town from the Lookout




Almost in Alice Springs
Almost in Alice Springs




Sunday, June 26, 2016

2016 Uluru Roadtrip - Tambo - Winton

Thanks to a small fan heater Colin purchased the day before we left for this trip we were cosy warm in the morning. (FYI - we've read Jayco Truma Air Conditioners are almost useless at heating when it's below 4 deg C) A quick breakfast and everyone was quickly working out their morning pack up routines.



We were pleasantly surprised at the conditions of the roads, particularly as this area had recently seen some heavy rain fall. Some of the edges still showed signs of being soft and muddy.

It was along this part of the trip we started noticing some of the bird life of the outback. We saw numerous Brolgas (failed to get a photo- despite Colin's willingness to go off road), Bustards (another large bird) and Wedge Tail Eagles.

We were excited to check out the Museum in Ilfracombe (just before Longreach) with all the outside machinery lined up along the highway. Last time we drove through here it was 40 Deg so we only saw it from inside the car. Luckily this time the weather was much milder and we had a relaxing walk and a lunch break.






As we drove into Longreach Colin had to stop at the Qantas Museum and get a shot of the car/van in front of the Jumbo. Perfect timing and some forgiving tourists allowed this to happen - a great shot.



As we headed out of Longreach towards Winton we noticed the scenery change dramatically. The land had become very barren showing signs of the drought.

Winton was a challenging town last time we visited due to the heat - and this visit was no different - just different challenges. We got lost finding the caravan park (if that is possible in Winton). With the GPS and Amanda confusing Colin to the point we seemed to see the town twice before finding camp. The site we had was nice and grassy but that is about where the nice stopped. The town runs on bore water - very smelly bore water. We believe it has something to do with the Sulfur in the soil. Both the girls came back from the shower in tears because of the smell. Apparently the water is fine and safe but just when it gets into the air it smells (bad). Rotten Egg gas bad !! True !!

The Caravan park was across the road from a pub so we thought the worst - luckily the noise seemed to stop at 10.30pm.






Saturday, June 25, 2016

2016 Uluru Roadtrip - Chinchilla to Tambo

A very chilly, early start at Chinchilla saw us on the road again by 8am. We had expected to stop for the night at Augathella but we were travelling so well so decided to keep going.


We found a nice lunch stop in Morven where we walked around an outside museum, of particular interest was the kerosine hut. We had parked up along side a railway line and joked about walking on them as surely it would be ages between trains. Funny thing - a train then came down the line. This was the first town where Lauren realised 'it's to quiet here - you can just sit down in the Main Street without a problem' she did.

We stopped at Tambo after a quick drive through the town. A nice little caravan park with easy drive through sites. Once we were set up we went for a walk through the Main Street of town checking out the old cars/fire trucks as well as the resident goat. This would be the first of many animals on the kids wish list when we got home.










Friday, June 24, 2016

2016 Uluru Roadtrip - Greenbank to Chinchilla

Colin and the kids were ready and waiting for Amanda to get home from work so we could all hit the road. An easy drive (this time) up the Toowoomba range and we were soon on the lookout for kangaroos as the sun set.

For a laugh we stopped by Luke & Cody's House (House Rules TV Show) in Dalby. We were a little underwhelmed with what we saw from the road. It looked much better on TV. It was being guarded by a bunch of blokes on the verandah. Luke & Cody must have been out of town - the Grand Final a little over a week away.

The roads were quiet as the sun set on our first day. No Kangaroos were spotted right up to Chinchilla Weir. We were not expecting to be able to plug into the free power available here but to our surprise there was a few spots available. We had packed 2 power leads - luckily.


Photos for the complete trip are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #TeamBrayRoadTrip2016

TeamBray Camp 2016
Bright and Cheerful ready for our 7500km Adventure to the Centre of Australia
TeamBray Hit the Road
TeamBray Hit the Road

It wasn't long until the kids wanted to 'test' the new Seagate Hard drive streaming over 400GB of movies to their devices.

Testing the Seagate Wireless Hard Drive

Chinchilla Weir - with power :) A great way to spend our first night

Chinchilla Weir QLD
Chinchilla Weir QLD

Ready to hit the Road at Chinchilla Weir

TeamBray Kids Chinchilla Weir
TeamBray Kids Chinchilla Weir