Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cape York 2014 - Saltwater Creek

On Friday we said goodbye to Team Percy in Cooktown while they wait for new clutch parts to arrive. We hope to see them in a few days as we slowly work our way to the top.
Today's drive took us North West through Lakefield National Park. The roads were surprisingly good with only the odd corrugated section to test the suspension. Both cars were still running highway tyre pressures. The scenery has changed significantly from the endless paddocks of sugar cane to large areas of Termite mounts. As the colour of the ground changed so did the termite mound colour. Some were even built on the road and were like small brown witches hats along the road edge.

We stopped briefly at Old Laura Homestead in between rain showers for morning tea. A very deep well had the kids amazed.

After around 3 hours driving and half a dozen low water crossings we rolled into the best camp spot so far at Saltwater Creek in Lakefield National Park. We had camp site 3. Camp 4 was about 200m away and camps 1&2 were nowhere to be seen. Total peace and quiet! We were only meters from the water and we're sure there must have been crocs in there somewhere. We didn't find a croc but the mozzies certainly found us. Luckily we were prepared with plenty of Bushmans Spray.

Teambray Camp - Saltwater Creek, Lakefield NP
We found an area for a camp fire and enjoyed a nice fire at night. We think this also might have kept the mozzies away for a while too.

Saltwater Creek, Lakefield NP
After speaking with the neighbouring camper who has spent the past 2 months up here we're changing our plans for tomorrow. Instead of trekking into 10 mile lagoon on Archer river we will consider a FreeStay on the banks of the Wenlock River ( not in our Camps book )
During the morning pack up Amanda picked up the chair bags to find this little guy hiding in it. An appropriate scream was heard followed by laughter from the rest of us. It wasn't a killer butterfly (a whole different story) but this centipede looked fierce.

Biggest Centipede ever seen.

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