Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Janowen Hills

May Long weekend 2012 - JANOWEN HILLS 

 Where did we go - Janowen Hills  4x4 Park 2 hours from Brisbane

When - May Long Weekend 2012

How long did we stay - 3 nights

Vehicle / Caravan - Patrol & Jeep & Expanda

ActionDad XJ Jeep

Watch out for this guy in 4WD Action magazine Issue 185 in 2012

Janowen Hills

This was our first run out to Janowen Hills 4x4 Park. This weekend we had Hannah, and Christian come along too in their GU Patrol.
The camping here was great - you could easily spend a relaxing weekend by the creek and just chill out. This was  NOT a chilling out weekend though. We headed out on the tracks twice each day to see what fun we could find.

Check out the video to see what we got up to.

BTW - this weekend was deemed a NO SCREEN weekend. ie: No DS, No iPhones, no Ipods .. it was awesome !!

Yes, I did feel like a bit of a dill talking to the camera. 

Chilling without the DS

No SCREEN means REAL FUN not Virtual Fun

ActionDad working on the Jeep - brake line a little loose :)


ActionDad Cutting wood

Crazy Loz - supervising

Nathan - Army boy

Cows raiding a nearby camp

This guy crawled out of our wood

ActionDad saves the Lizard


Madi Bray cooking lunch

Car boy Nathan playing cars in the Creek

Kids in the Creek

Crazy Loz with a boot full of water

ActionDad XJ JEEP

ActionDad XJ JEEP

ActionDad XJ JEEP

TeacherMum GU Patrol

TeamBray Jayco Expanda

TeamBray Kids

Hot Choc with Marshmallow


ActionDad Breakfast Work in Progress

ActionDad Breakfast  !!

ActionDad XJ JEEP

ActionDad XJ JEEP

ActionDad XJ JEEP

ActionDad XJ JEEP

TeacherMum GU Patrol

Christian's GU

ActionDad XJ JEEP

ActionDad XJ JEEP

YES, there are a lot pics of the JEEP here !!