Monday, February 28, 2011

Flanagan Reserve Feb 2011

Where did we go - Flanagan's Reserve


When - Feb 2011

How long did we stay - 2 nights

Vehicle / Caravan - Bravo/Expanda

Funny moment - the look on AB's face as she headed toward the rapids. She did not feel the pain of the rocks until she got out :)

Where's Wally - Wally make a few appearances here. Can you find him? Comment at the bottom.

We headed back to our favourite local spot for a quick and easy break only 90 min from home. Since we've been coming here the place is getting better and better. Gerard is doing a top job in getting the place tidied up and some grass growing. The popularity of the place is starting to show as it's getting busy. Still, with all the kids running around having fun it's still a cool place to sit and relax, cook some camp food and check out the local wildlife. The kids love getting out spotlights at night and seeing how many possums they can find. Lizzie always comes along and manages to entertain people by making huge dives into the water and dunking under to grab her lead before swimming out.

We caught up with Geoff and Sandra (and their Border Collies) who we met last time we were here. We look forward to camping with them again soon.

Relaxing at Camp

Views down to the Logan River
Marshmallow time

Madi being musical with 2 sticks

Breakfast - an important meal of the day :)

AB, keeper of the Marshmallows
Drifting down the river - we saw a fish jump in front of us too.

Nathan - before he crashed

Can you see the fear on AB's face

Lauren the thrill seaker

ActionDad holding on for his life - was all OK until he wiped out someones kid. LOOOK OUT !!!

Madi was being careful

Going down sideways is NOT RECOMMENDED

Team work by Team Bray

Yes, those scratched knees are from these rocks - the promise of Ice Cream soon takes away tears

Madi just chillin'



On the agenda
  • MARCH - Sommerset Dam (Car Club)
  • APRIL - The Springs 4x4 park (4x4 fun !!)
  • APRIL Easter - Levuka (4x4 fun !!)
  • MAY - Flanagans (local camping and relaxing)
  • JUNE - The Springs 4x4 park (more 4x4 fun !!)
  • JUNE/JULY - Mudgee / Canberra / Snow / Sydney