Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 Roadtrip - Fishing Charter

After a days rest walking National Parks and checking out local sights we hit the water again. This time we headed out on a small fishing charter with GONE FISHING. Our Skipper Jack had quite a good local knowledge and did a great job at catering for all the skills levels. Considering we fish once-a-year he had plenty to show us :)

Lets catch the big one!

A great view for fishing

Come on Fishy Fishy, where are you?

Keen as

Colin with his first catch

Right now would be a perfect time to say WE CAUGHT LOTS of fish. We did I guess but nothing really worth bringing home for dinner. Everything went back .. some even got a kiss. It was still a great day ... sea sick tablets did their job.

Nathan had fun pulling this one in. 

There are no pictures of Lauren as she wasn't feeling very well as a result of the swell. 

2015 Roadtrip - Derwent Hunter Sailing

Our first water adventure had us sailing on a tradional tall ship built over 70 years ago. During the day we were told all about the history of the ship. It's quite amazing to see something this old still earning a living for a whole bunch of people. With around 25 people plus crew this ship was certainly not too busy for us to kick back and relax .. until the crew asked to to help hoist the sails. It was worth the effort - once the big diesel engine is shut down she powered through the water with nothing but the wind getting us out to the islands.

Derwente Hunter
Derwent Hunter built in 1946
Derwent Hunter
The Derwent Hunter today

We first stopped at Black Island aka Bali Hai for some snorkelling. No sooner had we stopped and boarded the tender it started POURING with rain. The rain only lasted a short time. Soon enough we'd be in the water anyhow.

Once in the water snorkelling around the reef it didn't take long to find plenty of tropical fish of all shapes, sizes and colours. It's quite amazing to watch as they don't seem to be all that bothered by their human visitors. Of course the highlight of any snorkelling trip is finding a turtle. We managed to see a couple around the Island but nothing compared to the big guy we saw later.

Langford Island
Landford Reef

After about an hour we headed back to the ship to move out to Langford Reef. You only need to venture a few metres from the exposed low tide sand to find huge numbers of tropical fish. We were also lucky enough to spend time with a huge flat backed turted. Judging by it's size it was estimated to be around 180 years old. And best of all, he had no problems at all with us floating all around him.

Flat Back Sea Turtle
Flat Back Sea Turtle
Nathan and Lauren checking out a Turtle
Nathan and Lauren checking out a Turtle
Derwent Hunter under sail - VERY COOL
Derwent Hunter under sail - VERY COOL
All aboard the tender
All aboard the tender
Derwent Hunter
TeamBray onboard the Derwent Hunter
TeamBray earning their lunch
TeamBray earning their lunch


Monday, June 29, 2015

2015 Roadtrip - Seaforth to Airlie beach

A short drive north of Seaforth and we arrived at Airlie beach. Our plans here include some Sailing, Fishing and Bushwalking ... with a dose of relaxing in between. We'll spend 6 nights at a cushy Big 4 Caravan park - Airlie Cove Resort and Caravan park.

On arrival the kids spotted the recently installed water park. That was all they needed to ensure a fun day. It might be the middle of winter however the days are still warm and the sun is shining.

TeamBray at Airlie Beach Cove
Not everyone chooses to sleep in a caravan
Airlie Brekkie - no bacon
TeamBray Airlie
You are about to get wet
You're wet kids !!
Some Airlie Beach artwork