Friday, July 10, 2015

2015 Roadtrip - Cania Gorge

From Seaforth we headed inland for a change of scenery. Cania Gorge was the destination. Once set up we got a fire going and started planning which trails we would tackle in the morning.

After a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs we packed our backpacks with water and snacks and headed off. We soon found out that the National Park signage was not very accurate when it came to distances. A 900m path was more like a 1.5k walk. Not to be deterred we pushed on and found ourselves in some amazing rock formations. All up we walked about 9k's - about 3k's more than the signage would have led us believe.

teambray cania gorge
Exploring the bush

teambray cania gorge camping
Team Bray - Cania Gorge

teambray cania gorge camping
Madi and Lauren

It was a long way up

teambray cania gorge camping
There was a dark cave under there

teambray cania gorge camping

teambray cania gorge camping
Teambray Hugs

teambray cania gorge camping
In one of the caves

teambray cania gorge camping
Big Foot

After the first day of walking approximately 9k's we we going to attempt another walk the next day. We didn't get far - our legs told us that thye needed a rest so we headed back to camp and relaxed by the fire. We all voted to head home a day early.

Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 Roadtrip - Day trip to Cape Hillsborough

From Seaforth we took a short drive south to Cape Hillsborough and checked out the beaches. More amazing views, sea creatures and fun had by everyone.

Cape Hillsborough

Bush meets Beach

Some amazing rock formations


Some creative photography by Colin
More sea creatures

Crab Balls

My eyes are on you!
More amazing beach

Nathan loving the sunshine

Another stinger enclosure

Friday, July 3, 2015

2015 Roadtrip - Back to Seaforth

We feel in love with Seaforth so decided to make it 3 night stop on our way home. We were very lucky to get a beach front site.
There were markets being held on the Sunday so we were able to pick up some local fruit and vegies along with a few other goodies. We were also able to catch up with friends who live in Mackay. They made the 30 minute trip to come and say hi.

The kids had fun building large sea creatures in the sand and collecting shells.

Local bird life

View from our campsite

Campsite 4

More amazing wildlife

An amazing sunset

2015 Roadtrip - Dingo Beach / Hideaway Bay

Today being another chillax day we just couldnt spend it sitting around in the caravan park. Its way too noisy and busy !!
We jumped in the car and headed for Dingo Beach. Wow, this is more like it. A small quite town, beatiful beach and SO QUIET !! We spent about an 90 minutes walking the beach and spotted 3 sea turtles along the way. A perfect spot to launch a boat. This place would be an awesome spot in summer.

Dingo Beach

Bray Kids - all smiles

Dingo Beach - beautiful

Turtle popping up to say hi

Exploring the rocks

Lauren going exploring

Another beautiful view

Getting fit with huge beach walks

Madilyn annoying the local sea life 

The town has a small pub where we grabbed a great takeaway lunch to eat on the beach . I highly recommend the Dingo burger. No I didn't ask what was in it .. but there was plenty of meat.
After visiting Dingo Beach we headed North to Hideaway Bay .. and again another beautiful spot away from civilisation. As we drove along we could see the water .. the kids commented that it almost didn't look real .. the water was bright AQUA in colour.. very unusual like in a photograph.

Lunch at Dingo Beach

Hideaway Bay
Hideaway Bay

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015 Roadtrip - Airlie Beach - Bushwalks

The camp kitchen at Airlie Beach Cove Resort and Caravan Park seemed like a great place to cook some meals. There arent too many peaceful places in a Big 4 park we figure .... so why not meet some other campers in the kitchen. This also turned out to be a great place to let the kids do some cooking.
TeamBray Camp Breakfast
TeamBray Kids cooking dinner
TeamBray Kids cooking dinner


Cedar Falls sounded like a nice place to visit. We packed some water and snacks, put on some suitable attire and jumped in the car. After a short drive from Airlie we took the turnoff and soon arrived at Cedar Falls parking. Sadly, it was only a 30 second walk to the falls ... we had expected more of a challenge.

TeamBray Selfie at Cedar Falls
TeamBray Selfie at Cedar Falls


Lauren at Cedar Falls
Lauren at Cedar Falls
Conway National Park. After not getting much of a walk on our Cedar Falls adventure we decided to visit a local National Park. We arrived at Conway NP and debated which walk to take. We opted for the 2km walk .. but something went wrong. Over 5km later we finally found the car. It was mostly easy walking (2.5km up hill) ... just not what we had expected. Apart from Lauren being startled a snake there was no other wildlife to be found.

Amanda was seriously pooped right at this point .... can you tell ??? :)

TeacherMum on the Bush Walk
TeacherMum on the Bush Walk


Conway National Park
Conway National Park
On the way out we passed the sign which got us into trouble. Maybe the Mt Rooper walk was 2.1km there and back ??? We conitued on to Swamp Bay. We felt every step too :) This will be a great warm up for Cania Gorge in a few days.



The bushland opened up to some spectacular views along the way.