Friday, July 18, 2014

Cape York 2014 - Yeppoon to Home

Are we there yet?

We were all looking forward to being home - we were so close. Every minute meant we were getting closer.

We stopped in Childers for lunch ... got out of the car ... almost got blown away ... jumped back in the car. It was so windy Amanda ended up making sandwiches on her lap as we kept driving.
We ended up making it home late afternoon. Colin did an awesome job driving and keeping us safe

Some interesting statistics:
Distance Travelled - 5600kmTotal Fuel Cost - $1712
Damage to car - 2 cracks in the windscreen and a few scatches
Number of times we set up the tents - 14
Time spent cleaning the red dust out of everything - ongoing. It's everywhere.

Red Dots = Fuel stops

We all decided that it would be a great trip to do again - ONE DAY.

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