Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cape York 2014 Noah Beach - Cooktown

We woke up excited that today was the day we hit the well known Bloomfield Track. A quick detour to Cape Tribulation and we were soon on the steep windy Bloomfield Road. Unfortunately we didn't get far before trouble struck the Percy's Jeep. Something wrong with the clutch meant it needed to be towed into Wujal Wujal to wait for a tow truck.
Cape Tribulation
TeamBray Noah Beach
Lauren Rock climbing at Noah Beach
Cape Tribulation
Water Crossing on the Bloomfield Track

Bloomfield River
Jeep being pulled across the Bloomfield River

We kept moving towards camp but had to stop for a drink and something to eat at The Lions Den.
TeamBray Lions Den Burger
Lions Den Burger, Chips and a Beer

TeamBray where's Wally
Watch out Wally

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