Tuesday, September 26, 2017

2017 Gulf Road Trip - Karumba

It was only a short 70km drive to Karumba from Normanton. As we were driving Madi spotted a croc in a waterhole under a bridge. We also started to see a lot more bird life as well.

There were at least 5 crocs in this waterhole. 

Beautiful Brolgas

We set up camp in the Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park. We felt relaxed and at home straighaway. We have views across the road to the river and it was just a short walk to boat ramp, fishing spot and the tree of knowledge. 

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

2017 Gulf Road Trip - Normanton Via Burketown

The plan after leaving Lawn Hill was to free stay somewhere between Burketown and Normanton. It was a sweltering day so we just kept driving.

More dust and dirt roads

Dry River bed - I think you can camp here

Colin and Madi - killing time on the road

We found this road sign to be rather amusing - only just a little more than Amanda's photography skills. 

We stopped at Burketown for lunch near the hot spring. 

Hot water bore - everyone was surprised that the water was actualy hot.

The stretch of road between Burketown and Normanton was mostly dirt. We had to over take a road train on the left hand side. The truckie made it easy for us thanlfully.

Getting ready to overtake this road train

We kept driving to Normanton where we checked out the free camp on the river - it looked quite abondoned with only a few campers. We opted for the caravan park - however had to check ourselves in as they dont serve customers after 5pm or 9am.

Normanton Caravan Park

Friday, September 22, 2017

2017 Gulf Road Trip - Lawn Hill

From Gregory Downs we moved onto Lawn Hill. This was the start of dirt corrogated roads and we were all a bit nervous on how the van would go. Amzaingly very little dust got in and everything stayed where is was supposed - can't complain about that.
The road out to Lawn Hill

Dirt Road to Lawn Hill

Most of the road was very good. Once you get past the turn off to the mine it deteriorates considerably and then from Adels Grove into the National Park was even worse. Colin drove to the conditions and we all enjoyed the bumpy ride (well sort of).

Teambray Camp - Lawn Hill
A cooked breakfst was on the menu before going canoeing.
Colin is easily pleased. 
Lawn Hill was hot but amazing. We did end up leaving a day early because of the heat.

We went swimming with the hugh cat fish and canoed up the gorge. This was a highlight.
It was also fun feeding the fish from the walkway bridge.

Smiling Madi
Keeping an eye for catfish

This fish loved water being sprayed into its mouth.

BIG Cat Fish

Cooling off in the water

Trying to relax but wondering where the fish might be. 

Canoeing up the Gorge

Lauren trying her balancing act.

Nathan on the watch for fresh water crocs.

Swimming under the waterfalls was heaps of fun. 

Lauren - always one for a picture


The upper level gorge

Just keep rowing

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

2017 Gulf Road Trip - Gregory Downs

From Julia Creek we headed into Gulf country. A lunch of hot chips at the Burke and Wills roadhouse went down a treat with everyone.
Fueling up in Gregory Downs

At Gregory Downs we checked out the local store - it was very tiny. They didn't have any bread - their delivery was a week late.

We drove over the bridge and turned left to the camp area. This was a rocky area along the Gregory River. We asked a guy who looked like he'd been there a while on the best place to camp was and he pointed in the direction of an awesome spot where would almost step into the river from the van.

We spent 2 nights here exploring the river and rafting down the river on our mats. The water was very refreshing however we were a little more cautious after the kids pulled a dead croc out of the water just upstream from where we were swimming.

Colin went fishing down stream and caught a decent size cat fish - at this point in time we were unaware of their potential danger. Oppps.

This is definitely a place we would stay again and a highlight of the trip so far.

Teambray Camp on Gregory River

Team Bray Camp

Floating down the river

Teambray Breakfast

Gregory Downs Free Camp

Monday, September 18, 2017

2017 Gulf Road Trip - Day 1-3

We were excited to be back on the road for our annual road trip. As soon as school was out we were on the road heading out to Chinchilla Weir for a quick stop over. We arrived in the dark and left in the dark.

Ready to roll. 

Day 2 was a 780k trip from Chinchilla to Barcaldine. The new van was going great and kids soon settled into their usual pattern of watching movies. We stayed at a free stay on the out skirts of town which was right next to the cemetery - the kids went exploring.

Barcaldine Free Camp - Team Bray

Day 3 saw us travel from Barcaldine to Julia Creek. We had to get a photos at Qantas with the new van. We filled up water at Longreach Showgrounds and saw a family of Emus (5 chicks). From Longreach it was out through Winton. It was getting hotter and dryer as we went.
Qantas & Team Bray
Emu with 5 chicks at Longreach Showgrounds
Lunch stop at Tambo
The camp spot in Julia Creek was awesome. Another free stay on a small creek just out of town. The kids tried fishing and pulled a load full of fish - great fun.

Team Bray Camp - Juila Creek
Great Fishing - they all went back in to live another day.

Fishing at Juila Creek

Brolgas at Julia Creek

Crazy Loz fishin