Monday, July 14, 2014

Cape York 2014 - Archer River Roadhouse

We woke at 5am to the sound of rain on the tent. Not what we wanted on the day we were to pack up. Luckily it lasted only a minute or 2. Unfortunately it woke our neighbours who decided it was time to get up, make coffee and chat as if it were 9am in the morning .... not 5am and pitch black darkness.
We climbed out of our tent at 6, had a quick Brekky and packed up. We were all done by 7.40am which felt like a record time.
Today we head South to tackle the corrugations and spend a night at the Archer River Roadhouse. The roads are still breaking cars. We saw a late model Patrol with its rear dragging on the ground. No jack supporting it and a wheel laying in the grass not far away. We slowed to see if the family needed help. They gave a THUMBS UP so we figured they had a recovery plan.
We crossed the Jardine River on the super short ferry trip. Charlie and Amanda caught up to us here too.
We detoured into Bramwell Station for lunch - through the back gate. The GPS showed an entrance and the gate didn't say not to enter so we did. We later found out that we shouldnt have gone that way and needed to use the main entrance.
Bramwell Station

A Brawell Station Brolga

We rolled into Archer River Roadhouse around 3pm and started a basic setup for a sleep, dinner and Brekky. After setup we took a shirt walk to the River crossing which was a great site apart from the one area where someone decided to dump rubbish.

Road crossing the Archer River

TeamBray Camp

Exploring the Archer River

Archer River

Archer River Roadhouse Locals

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