Friday, July 4, 2014

Cape York 2014 -Cooktown

We rolled into Cooktown Wednesday night after leaving Team Percy at Wujal Wujal awaiting their tow truck. Luckily the local mechanic / tow truck driver lent the Percy's their 80 Series land cruiser to get back to town with. The Jeep spent the night at the workshop awaiting a diagnosis.

After breakfast we spent some time walking the Main Street of Cooktown, grabbed some tourist memorabilia including Croc Foot back scratcher (to go with the roo foot back scratcher from Longreach last year).

TeamBray Cooktown

We told Lauren there could be crocs at the boat ramp so she just HAD to go stand at the edge.

Lauren - watch for Crocs!!
After the Cooktown walk we joined Team Simpkins on a drive out through the Aboriginal
community of Hope Vale to Elim to see the coloured sands. After an easy drive onto the beach Colin managed to temporarily bog our Patrol while moving aside for oncoming traffic. After a bit of rocking back forth it came clear and we moved on. You have to expect that when your tyre pressures are still 44 psi.

Beach at Coloured Sands

After the coloured sands we explored back East along the coastline following the waters edge south toward Cape Bedford. Right along the beach edge were half a dozen smashed down shacks which seemed to have been damaged by cyclones. Our tour on the beach ended where we found a group of locals quietly fishing with hand lines. We turned back and found a shelter on the beach for a quick lunch before a storm rolled in. It's meant to be the dry season!!

Lunch break near Elim

Conical Rock viewed from near Elim

It looked like we were in the Snowy Mountains. 

We then headed back to Cooktown and drove up Grassy Hill to see the lighthouse. An awesome view over Cooktown and the Coastline.

Grassy Hill Lighthouse Cooktown

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