Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Woodgate 2013/14 Part 2

Catch of the Day

After a fun morning catching yabbies for bait we decided to fish on the incoming high tide the next day. This meant getting up at 4.00am - craziness. Some of us saw another sunrise (the two girls decided to give fishing a miss). Colin caught the first and only fish. Luckily the beautiful sky made up for the lack of fish.

Catch of the Day
Colin's catch of the day
Woodgate fishing
Colin fishing
Teambray fishing
The boys fishing as the sun rises


Woodgate sunrise
Woodgate sunrise
Doing what we do best

Trips to the beach a few times a day are followed by lots of relaxing and the kids playing with friends.



Thursday, December 26, 2013

Woodgate 2013/14 Part 1

We arrived at Woodgate a few days earlier than usual. This meant things were a bit quieter than usual. After setting up we headed straight for the beach. Despite a few jelly fish bobbing around the water was great.

Teambray at Woodgate beach
Teambray at Woodgate beach
Teambray flying a kite
Teambray flying a kite

An Early Sunrise

Colin and the kids decided to get up at 4.30am on Christmas Eve to watch the sunrise over the ocean.

Teambray and Woodgate sunrise
Sunrise at Woodgate beach


Christmas Day

Teambray Christmas

An early start to the day with present unwrapping. The kids were all amazed that we managed to find a place to hide everything in the van. A trip to the beach was followed by a lunch of fresh prawns and salad. In the afternoon we all had a nap and then another trip to the beach

No one is going Hungry


Teambray breaky