Friday, July 18, 2014

Cape York 2014 - Yeppoon to Home

Are we there yet?

We were all looking forward to being home - we were so close. Every minute meant we were getting closer.

We stopped in Childers for lunch ... got out of the car ... almost got blown away ... jumped back in the car. It was so windy Amanda ended up making sandwiches on her lap as we kept driving.
We ended up making it home late afternoon. Colin did an awesome job driving and keeping us safe

Some interesting statistics:
Distance Travelled - 5600kmTotal Fuel Cost - $1712
Damage to car - 2 cracks in the windscreen and a few scatches
Number of times we set up the tents - 14
Time spent cleaning the red dust out of everything - ongoing. It's everywhere.

Red Dots = Fuel stops

We all decided that it would be a great trip to do again - ONE DAY.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cape York 2014 - Bowen to Yeppoon

Another day of getting as close to home as possible. We decided to try our luck to get a camp spot at Emu Park, a favourite from last years trip. The site they had available didn't really work so we ended up at Cool Waters Caravan Park. A lovely park with great facilities - it did however end up being the most expensive site out of the whole trip - $90 for the night - unpowered. Ouch.

The kids did love the waterslides though.

Team Bray Camp

Nearby lake

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cape York 2014 - Cairns to Bowen

A quick and easy breakfast in McDonalds and we said our goodbyes to the Simpkins. We were going to make our way home at our own pace.

We weren't sure how far we would get and in the end made it to Bowen. We rolled into the caravan park to find a sing-along and sausage sizzle in full swing. We set up and went and joined in the festivities. Afterwards we went for a walk along the marina.

Bowen Marina

Team Bray

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cape York 2014 - Archer River to Cairns

After filling up the car at $2.25 per litre we headed south. The aim for today was to get as far south as possible.

We stopped at Laura Roadhouse for lunch. As it was Amanda's birthday we had a treat of hot chips.

Lunch at Laura Roadhouse

As we rolled into Mareeba a decision was made to head for Cairns so that we could catch up with the Percy's who were still there waiting for the Jeep to be repaired. Light rain and big day driving meant we were reluctant to have to set up the tents. The search was on to find a cabin to stay instead. Five phone calls later we found somewhere with vacancies. As we drove through the Big 4 in Cairns we turned heads - the car definitely needed a wash.

A quick shower and we headed into town to have dinner out with the Percy's. This was a nice way to celebrate Amanda's birthday as well.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Cape York 2014 - Archer River Roadhouse

We woke at 5am to the sound of rain on the tent. Not what we wanted on the day we were to pack up. Luckily it lasted only a minute or 2. Unfortunately it woke our neighbours who decided it was time to get up, make coffee and chat as if it were 9am in the morning .... not 5am and pitch black darkness.
We climbed out of our tent at 6, had a quick Brekky and packed up. We were all done by 7.40am which felt like a record time.
Today we head South to tackle the corrugations and spend a night at the Archer River Roadhouse. The roads are still breaking cars. We saw a late model Patrol with its rear dragging on the ground. No jack supporting it and a wheel laying in the grass not far away. We slowed to see if the family needed help. They gave a THUMBS UP so we figured they had a recovery plan.
We crossed the Jardine River on the super short ferry trip. Charlie and Amanda caught up to us here too.
We detoured into Bramwell Station for lunch - through the back gate. The GPS showed an entrance and the gate didn't say not to enter so we did. We later found out that we shouldnt have gone that way and needed to use the main entrance.
Bramwell Station

A Brawell Station Brolga

We rolled into Archer River Roadhouse around 3pm and started a basic setup for a sleep, dinner and Brekky. After setup we took a shirt walk to the River crossing which was a great site apart from the one area where someone decided to dump rubbish.

Road crossing the Archer River

TeamBray Camp

Exploring the Archer River

Archer River

Archer River Roadhouse Locals

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cape York - Punsand Bay

Four nights at Punsand Bay Resort meant plenty of time for exploring as well as some relaxtion. We decided to do a tour to Roko Island. Roko Island is a pearl culturing island. The trip out to the island on the Zodiac was heaps of fun and took us around Possession Island.

Possession Island
A quick trip in the Zodiac.
Roko Island
Growing Pearls
All a girl wants - PEARLS.
No sand on the beach - just theses little shells
The crocodile that was at the end of the stone jetty.
The Stone jetty
TeamBray Punsand Bay Cape York 2014
Roko Island Jetty

The resort had a great restuarnat cooking woodfired pizza. This was a must do for dinner one night. The kids also enjoyed a swim in the pool followed by hot chips and an icecream. Stocks were getting low by our last day there.

Our camp spot had views of the beach just across the road. It was very busy and noisy for most of our time there and you had to get in early if you wanted a warm shower. It really is a place about location, location, location.


TeamBray Punsand Bay Cape York 2014
Punsand Bay
TeamBray Punsand Bay Cape York 2014
Punsand Bay Beach - helicopter taking off.
TeamBray Punsand Bay Cape York 2014
Punsand Bay Camp
TeamBray Brekky Punsand Bay
Brekky at Punsand Bay


Friday, July 11, 2014

Cape York 2014 - Punsand Bay to The Tip

Our journey to the tip was completed today. After a relaxing morning at camp we loaded the kids into the car again and decided to take the short cut road up to the tip. We had been given several warnings that the road was boggy and to walk each crossing before driving them. We did what what were told and thankfully had no troubles at all. A 7km track took us 35 minutes to drive - not quite sure what was short about that.
Lots of mud along the short cut track. 

 On arriving at the Tip car park we set off up the rocky path with Nathan catching a ride on Colin's shoulders. We set a slow and steady pace being careful not to trip or twist ankles on the uneven ground. Eventually we clambered down the very last section of path to the northern most point of mainland Australia. We all had a sigh of relief and felt an amazing sense of achievement. The views were amazing.

Team Bray at the TIP!

The walk to the Tip.

Nathan conquering the Tip on his crutches. 

The view along the way.

Colin's shoulders getting a workout. 

Wally even made it as well. 

Nathan decided he wanted to walk back himself. Colin's shoulders weren't arguing. Slowly and carefully Nathan navigated his own path carefully using his crutches to support himself. He was very proud of himself when he eventually made it back to the car.

Driving on the beach at the TIP - Colin just had to do it. 

From here we drove out to Sommerset Beach. Stopped at a memorial site and headed to a beach. It was quite windy so we headed back to find a sheltered spot for lunch.


Somerset Beach
After quick look around and a late lunch at the Somerset Camp groundand we headed into Bamaga to stock up on some groceries and a catch up with the Begg's camping out at Seisa.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cape York 2014 - Jardine River

After conquering the OTT we headed to the South side of the Jardine River to set up camp for the night. Even though we had only travelled a short distance we were keen for a good nights sleep.
Our camp spot was right on the bank of the river at the old crossing. We were wary of crocs when we went for a walk to get water from the river. The water looked refreshing and clear.

When it was time for bed we headed to the safety of our thin fly screen tent :). We soon heard a swooshing sound. The sky was filled with bats, some of which came in low to feed on a nearby flowering tree.  During the night we began to be paranoid at every splash in the water just behind us. Who knows what is out there?

TeamBray Camp Jardine River
TeamBray Camp Jardine River

Colin & Christian - carefully getting water - there are CROCS in there !!
Colin & Christian - carefully getting water - there are CROCS in there !!

Look at me ... I'm SO brave
Look at me ... I'm SO brave

Beautiful clear water - Jardine River
Beautiful clear water - Jardine River

Jardine River
Jardine River

TeamBray - ready to roll
TeamBray - ready to roll

After an uneventful night we packed up a headed to the Ferry to cross the river although the boys were joking about trying out the old crossing.

Jardine River Ferry
Jardine River Ferry

Jardine River Ferry
Jardine River Ferry

Jardine River Ferry

Not the most exciting video ... but a quick vid at the Jardine River Ferry - Southbound