Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wooyung Beach Caravan Park Nov 2014

With only 1 week of school left for 2014 we thought we would check out a place we'd not seen before. Wooyung Caravan park approx 1 1/2 hours South of Brisbane.

Brisbane to Wooyung
Wooyung Beach


Unpowered sites are the best choice if you like your bush camping with plenty of shade. Sites like this can be challenging to get into with a caravan as we discovered. We managed to put on a show trying to navigate ourselves onto a site. We soon ran out of light, kept calm, and found an easier site to camp on. No damage done....well nothing that wont polish out :)

Wooyong beach is best described as having lots of character. If you wonder where old rusty vans and buses go to die - THIS IS IT. Whilst there might be plenty of old vans to look at you need to stop and look at what makes this place great.


Wooyung Beach Caravan park
Plenty of Character at Wooyung Beach Caravan Park
Wooyung Beach Campfire
Wooyung Beach Campfire



Wooyung Beach Caravan Park
Wooyung Beach Caravan Park - 4 family site


TeamBray Camp 2014
TeamBray Camp


TeamBray Nathan
Nathan - telling a yarn

The park was well maintained, grass mowed, gardens looked great and even the permanent vans were tidy given their age.

Showers are give a choice of 20c for 1 minute RAINWATER to 20c for 4 min BORE WATER. Women's BORE showers were free.

In the morning everywhere you looked you would find a Water Dragon watching you walk by. Some were shy while others would pose for a photo.


Wooyung Water Dragons
Water Dragons at Wooyung Caravan Park

The unpatrolled beach is amazing. The water was crystal clear. The sand soft and white (unlike the hard gritty stuff you can find in Northern Qld beaches). As the high tide went out the locals pulled up on the beach and had a great time pulling in countless dart. Must bring rods next time. Watch the outgoing tide and look for the channels where the fish appear to run through.

Wooyung Beach
TeamBray at Wooyung beach


TeamBray Wooyung Beach
Crystal Clear Water


TeacherMum and the Pooches
TeacherMum and the Pooches


TeamBray Kids
Wooyung Beach


Wooyung Beach
Body Surfing at Wooyung Beach


Crazy Loz
Crazy Loz & Tara
TeamBray Sandcastle
TeamBray Sandcastle - complete with Jelly Fish


Madi's Mantis
Madi's Mantis Marley


TeamBray Camp Breakfast
TeamBray Camp Breakfast - Saturday


TeamBray Camp Breakfast
TeamBray Camp Breakfast - Sunday



We'll be back !!!