Saturday, January 8, 2011

Woodgate 2010/2011 8th Jan 'Crazy Loz' & 'Where's Wally'

A few days ago Lauren was doing cart wheels in the soft sand. Fast! She came unstuck, landed badly and twisted her foot back. X-rays showed no breaks. She on crutches until she can walk on it again.
Nathan said goodbye to his mate Nathan who he met last year.

Where's Wally?

The beach is looking good however we only managed a morning swim yesterday as the rain returned. The rain was not such a bad thing as we broke out DVDs for the 1st time and kids watched while the grown ups sat outside and chilled.

Today is our last day and I've not gone out to check the sky yet.

Might be interesting going home tomorrow as the highway is closed due to flooding again.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Woodgate 2010/2011 Jan 7th

We've had all sorts of weather at Woodgate this year. Luckily most of the time we've had blue skies. The kids are starting to get their usual tan even thought we cover them in Sunblock.
Lizzie had been enjoying the holiday too. On command she will dive into the waves and paddle back out.
Wally made a trip to Woodgate and was going to have Pancakes but his arms won't bend (not funny, I know)
Amanda discovered a new favorite night-cap. Its nice on ice.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Woodgate Beach Fishing 4th Jan

We still have not been able to identify the sharks we caught. The best guess around the park is " looks like a baby bull shark"
This morning we got Madi baited and cast out first. Before anyone else had a chance to get their rod wet Madi caught a fish!! A small dart.
It was quite a while later Colin pulled in a good size Bream, it jumped off the hook when we went for a camera so it's shown in Amanda's hat :) We threw it back thinking we'd not catch anything else. Later in the morning Madi's line went crazy so Nathan held Colin's rod while he went to help. Unfortunately the line broke. We all calmed down but then Nathan screamed "but something's still pulling this rod Daddy". We then landed another Bream and kept it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Woodgate 2010/2011 3rd Jan "Catching Sharks"

We went fishing this morning for the 8am high tide. The weather was perfect, no wind, flat water. Pretty soon Lauren had something and just as she was about to land it her line broke. Weird.
Lauren soon landed a small fish and then a shark. Not really sure what type it was. Colin caught one a while later but it bit through his line as it came ashore.
We'll give it another go tomorrow morning.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Woodgate 2010/2011 Sunday 2nd

Today I'm uploading some pics to the blog I took over the past few days. iPhone will only let me send 5 pics at a time to my blog.

Nathan is having a ball meeting lots of kids his age around the park and then playing with them at the beach.
One afternoon he went inside to play DS and chill - something he does well.
Colins diet consists of anything cooked on the BBQ, even today's pancakes came off the BBQ.
The last pic shows the storms we missed today. They came in from the sea and passed around us. Woohoo. Near the top of the image you can see Childers. Follow this to the coast line and you'll find us.

Tomorrow morning's low tide is looking great for a fish off the beach. Bait fish are being caught this afternoon at low tide so we might be in for some luck. All rods are geared up with at least 2 hooks on each and we're ready to go.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 1st Jan 2011

We celebrated New Years Eve at Woodgate. Nathan and his mate spent the afternoon watching the big kids play cricket. While Nathan checked out the local wildlife Madi found some local Wildlife - a bright green (tree?) frog with Bright yellow eyes.
After a nice big sleep-in on New Years day we headed to the beach where the weather was perfect.
Funny quote for New Years Eve from Lauren "mummy, where's my hat? I can't find it, oops it's in my hand"