Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2018 Kakadu Road Trip - Windorah to Birdsville

We soon turned off to Birsdville and the start of gravel roads. The road was corrugated but we could still maintain a decent speed. Colin adjusted tyre pressures in the van and car to make the ride more comfortable.

We drove into town to check out the information centre and found out information about Big Red and other Birdsville attractions. Amazingly Birdsville has a huge water supply from an underground artesian supply. There taps everywhere in town and out on the common so we filled up our tanks and headed out to the common to find a camp spot.

Colin letting down the air pressure in the tyres for the road

Very Dusty 

Colin went for a long walk at lunchtime

A Rainbow Serpent on the side of hill. 
A unique outback road sign
Welcome to Birdsville
Birdsville Campsite - on the common

Fly protection

Campfire in Birdsville

The road occasionally seconds as an emergency runway. 

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