Thursday, June 28, 2018

2018 Kakadu Road Trip - Litchfield National Park

We went exploring Litchfield National Park today. First stop was Florence Falls. To get there was around 1000 steps down into the valley. Once we arrived we were meet with a large school group which it very busy. Lauren and Nathan went in for a swim, they found a great jumping spot and discovered there were lots of fish in the water.

Florence Falls  from the top of the stairs

Lauren preparing to jump

After Florence Falls we headed to The Cascades but the walk put us off. It was nearly lunch and looked like it was going to be a long walk. Instead we went to Walkers Creek which is a series of swimming holes and camp sites along a creek. We had been told that the swimming hole at Camp 7 was the best. It was still quite a hike but the swim was worth it.

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