Thursday, June 21, 2018

2018 Kakadu Road Trip - Big Red and Birdsville

After a cooked breakfast we headed out to explore Big Red. This turned out to be quite an adventure.

Driving up Big Red proved to be only a slight challenge for the Patrol however Colin did say it was harder than he thought it would be. We had lots fun climbing over the sand dune as well.

Driving up Big Red

Colin letting loose at the top of Big Red

Sand Angel?

Big Red fun

After a morning of fun at Big Red we did some exploring of Birdsville. We had lunch at the Birdsville Pub and then found the race track.

Colin and Madi have a piggy back race? 

Lauren officiating the race

Birdsville race stalls


Nathan not impressed with having to get out of bed

In the evening we went back to Big Red for the sunset. It was amazing and only about 5 other people there at the same time.
Big Red

Big Red Sunset

Colin on Big Red

Super models? 

Loving the Sunset

Love the colour!

Team Bray kids

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