Monday, June 18, 2018

2018 Kakadu Road Trip - Charleville to Windorah

We really started to feel like we were in the outback on this drive. The scenery changed, fewer cars on the road and the towns got smaller. And the FLIES were everywhere. So many flies ..... thankful that we had bought fly nets for our hats before leaving home.

We did a drive through of Windorah and filled up the car and then headed back out of town to Coopers Creek. We probably should have explored a little more but found a nice enough spot to camp for the night. After collecting firewood the kids went exploring again. Coopers Creek had plenty of water so people were fishing and Lauren explored a boat that was moored along the bank.

Windorah has an interesting solar collection system. We read that they are not always operational and not as effective as first hoped.

Roadside stop along the way

The girls being girls

Afternoon drinks and snack along the creek

Lauren gone exploring

Not sure whose boat this is? 

Coopers Creek campire

Windorah Solar system

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