Saturday, June 27, 2015

2015 Roadtrip - Day 1 Bris to Calliope River


We left home nice and early to get across Brisbane before the traffic got too bad. After the mandatory Gympie Maccas stop we pushed on North. We were quite happy to pass through Childers and wave as we passed HD Mechanical. Old mate there is unaware his helpful New Years Eve misdiagniosed repair has since failed costing us over $4000 so far this year. Lesson learnt.

Our first camp is at the Calliope River Free stay where we met up with friends Geoff and Sandra who were on their way to Longreach. Calliope River Free stay is in the Camps book. A popular spot with camp sites and toilets on both the North and South sides of the river. The North side is more grassy and looks like it could get quite busy. The South side is a mix of grass and dirt sites but gives the opportunity for water views.

TeamBray Camp - Calliope River

Calliope River

Calliope River

Calliope River

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