Sunday, June 28, 2015

2015 Roadtrip - Calliope River to Seaforth

We said goodbye to Geoff and Sandra and made our way further north to Seaforth Camping Reserve. $25 for the night with beach views. Well, beach views if you book in for more than 1 night. Either way, any camp site is less than 100m walk to the waters edge - at high tide. There are no powered sites here so you can be certain that half the campers will run gen-sets until the 7pm curfew. The gen-set crew should be the ones camping farthest from the beach front. Dont get me started on Generators and camping.

The local markets were the place to be on the Sunday morning. We picked up some fresh local produce. We packed up and made plans to return here on our way South.

Beach complete with stinger free swim area

Seaforth Beach

Nathan - no broken leg this year... only a broken pinky finger

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