Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 Roadtrip - Fishing Charter

After a days rest walking National Parks and checking out local sights we hit the water again. This time we headed out on a small fishing charter with GONE FISHING. Our Skipper Jack had quite a good local knowledge and did a great job at catering for all the skills levels. Considering we fish once-a-year he had plenty to show us :)

Lets catch the big one!

A great view for fishing

Come on Fishy Fishy, where are you?

Keen as

Colin with his first catch

Right now would be a perfect time to say WE CAUGHT LOTS of fish. We did I guess but nothing really worth bringing home for dinner. Everything went back .. some even got a kiss. It was still a great day ... sea sick tablets did their job.

Nathan had fun pulling this one in. 

There are no pictures of Lauren as she wasn't feeling very well as a result of the swell. 

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