Sunday, March 2, 2014

Boys Weekend - The Springs 4x4 Park

A group of us headed back to The Springs 4x4 Park for a weekend of some of the toughest driving we've done. Tough because we spent much of our time scrambling for traction up steep rocky hills that turned to powder once we disturbed the surface. Diffs were knocked, body protection was rubbed but we all drove home without any serious damage.

Christian had his front and rear diff locks to test in his GU. Damion had some front and side protection on his BT. Nick had some suspension mods in his Hilux and Shane had some new rock sliders to test. All I wanted was a weekend where my Diff Lock worked. I'm happy to say it did! Every time.

Shane 'I fried my clutch'

Shane 'I'm stuck, cause I'm stupid'


TeamPercy Wrangler


ActionDads XJ - stuck


Nick chilling on his Hilux


Taking a break on Love Hill


Bruiser Climb - Bruises Diffs


TeamPercy Wrangler


Camping doesn't get much simpler than this


Our Kitchen Rules


TeamBray Brekky with a 1" thick slab of Bacon
It IS possible to get bogged in a drought



Bath time




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