Monday, July 2, 2018

2018 Kakadu Road Trip - Darwin Territory DAY

The 1st of July is the NorthernTerritory Territory Day - Colin's favourite day of the year in the NT. The day you can buy and set off fireworks legally. After much research the shopping list was prepared and the kids and Colin set off early to buy their stash.

After our day out exploring Darwin and an early dinner we waited for the sun to set. We were then able to drive around in the suburbs looking for a hot spot to watch and also set off the fireworks. We soon found a spot - lots of people setting off their goodies and we were soon joining them.

It was all good fun until the bush caught fire - big time. Then people starting putting them down the street drains and it looked and sounded like a war zone. Time to move on. Amanda wasn't keen to keep wandering aimlessly but alas we did.

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