Friday, January 12, 2018

Woodgate 2017-2018

The day finally arrived that we were all on holidays - the kids and I had been on holidays for the 3 weeks already - Colin was now on holidays, the van was packed and we were heading north to one of our favourite holidays - WOODGATE.

We arrived a few days before Christmas so the girls priorty was to decorate and put up the tree.

This was also the first year we took Jet Skis - what a load of fun they turned out to be.

The kids soon became locals again and seemed to know just about every other kids in the caravan park. Daily rides to the skate park became part of thier routine, as was hanging out at the tree and having hot chips at the Cafe.

Three weeks seemed to go very quickly - it was great catching up with all our Woodgate friends and also just chilling out reading a book. We'll be back next year.

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