Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Levuka - Easter 2018

We left home on Thursday straight after work. We had a good trip without any issues and arrived at camp in the dark and with light rain. This presented a few challenges in being able to find a level spot to put the van. Eventually we got it right and the kids started putting up their tent and swag. This was the first camping trip that we were going to be kid free in the van.

At first light the first morning we made a fire and hot cross buns were on the menu. The kids and Colin then headed out to try out the tracks. The rain had made it very wet and muddy - just the way Colin likes it.

Madilyn had her first 'learner' drive 4-wheel driving and did great. The Jeep never seems to miss a beat.

The long weekend continued with drives up Rosemary's Track, lots of playing around in the Playground and a drive through Track 5.

A night time Easter Egg had the kids scrambling around in the dark - they seem to like this. Lots of chocolate was consumed along with hots cross buns, and delicious roast dinners.

Another great long weekend!

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