Sunday, September 24, 2017

2017 Gulf Road Trip - Normanton Via Burketown

The plan after leaving Lawn Hill was to free stay somewhere between Burketown and Normanton. It was a sweltering day so we just kept driving.

More dust and dirt roads

Dry River bed - I think you can camp here

Colin and Madi - killing time on the road

We found this road sign to be rather amusing - only just a little more than Amanda's photography skills. 

We stopped at Burketown for lunch near the hot spring. 

Hot water bore - everyone was surprised that the water was actualy hot.

The stretch of road between Burketown and Normanton was mostly dirt. We had to over take a road train on the left hand side. The truckie made it easy for us thanlfully.

Getting ready to overtake this road train

We kept driving to Normanton where we checked out the free camp on the river - it looked quite abondoned with only a few campers. We opted for the caravan park - however had to check ourselves in as they dont serve customers after 5pm or 9am.

Normanton Caravan Park

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