Friday, September 22, 2017

2017 Gulf Road Trip - Lawn Hill

From Gregory Downs we moved onto Lawn Hill. This was the start of dirt corrogated roads and we were all a bit nervous on how the van would go. Amzaingly very little dust got in and everything stayed where is was supposed - can't complain about that.
The road out to Lawn Hill

Dirt Road to Lawn Hill

Most of the road was very good. Once you get past the turn off to the mine it deteriorates considerably and then from Adels Grove into the National Park was even worse. Colin drove to the conditions and we all enjoyed the bumpy ride (well sort of).

Teambray Camp - Lawn Hill
A cooked breakfst was on the menu before going canoeing.
Colin is easily pleased. 
Lawn Hill was hot but amazing. We did end up leaving a day early because of the heat.

We went swimming with the hugh cat fish and canoed up the gorge. This was a highlight.
It was also fun feeding the fish from the walkway bridge.

Smiling Madi
Keeping an eye for catfish

This fish loved water being sprayed into its mouth.

BIG Cat Fish

Cooling off in the water

Trying to relax but wondering where the fish might be. 

Canoeing up the Gorge

Lauren trying her balancing act.

Nathan on the watch for fresh water crocs.

Swimming under the waterfalls was heaps of fun. 

Lauren - always one for a picture


The upper level gorge

Just keep rowing

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