Sunday, August 14, 2016

2016 RoadTrip Uluru - Kings Creek Station to Yulara

We were sad to leave the quiet, peaceful camp at Kings Creek Station. We would definitely stay here again.

The kids said good bye to the resident camel and cows.

It was exciting to be finally arriving at the key destination of this trip. We have seen and done so much already it was easy to forget that the Rock was our goal.

Along the way we stopped at the big red sand dune lookout for Mt Connor and the salt flat behind.

It was a competition to see who would spot Ayres Rock first - NATHAN won!

After setting up in the Yulara Campground - we headed for the Rock. We were surprised how small the campsites were. We were camped on top of our neighbours. Strange seeing that there is so much space out here. The amenities were adequate but you had to time your shower to ensure hot water. Lucky we didn't come here for the camping.

Once we got through the National Park check point - that will cost you $50 for a family for 3 days entry, we headed to the main carpark area. The climb was closed due to windy conditions so we decided that the walk around the base was doable. 11km?? Who were we kidding. We didn't really think this through but headed off for the long walk. It was a great way to see the Rock from all different angles.






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