Sunday, August 14, 2016

2016 RoadTrip Uluru - Alice Springs

Colin went into town early and managed to buy himself a nice variety of Fireworks.

Once back at camp we set out for the Alice Springs Show. So many things to see and do - first of all was to check out the cows and other animals. Then we were off to side show alley and to find some traditional show food. The boys spent time watching RC cars while we checked out more animals. We even saw a pig fly!

After a great day out at the Show we headed back to the van for a quick cuppa and then went on our Kangaroo Sanctuary tour. We got to meet Brolga. Madi was in her element.


Friday night after our Roo Tour was amazing - people were setting off fireworks everywhere. A good crowd gathered along the Caravan Park fence to watch random people setting them off just across the road.

Early Saturday morning we had to pack up the van even though we still had one more night in Alice. We were off to Bridgestone to have the car wheel alignment fixed. This seemed to go quickly and smoothly and we were soon back at the van park and set up again.

We decided to check out the Reptile Park. They had a huge range of geckos, snakes, lizards to look at and hold. Everyone got to have a hold of Olive the Python.



After the Repitle Centre we went for a walk through the Alice Springs mall, managed to find our selves some souvenirs and bought pizza for lunch. We went up to the Look Out to eat our lunch. By this time we were all feeling pretty tired so headed back to camp. Despite being tired and it being about 13 deg outside the kids decided they had to try out the waterslide. They seemed to have a ball.


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