Sunday, June 26, 2016

2016 Uluru Roadtrip - Tambo - Winton

Thanks to a small fan heater Colin purchased the day before we left for this trip we were cosy warm in the morning. (FYI - we've read Jayco Truma Air Conditioners are almost useless at heating when it's below 4 deg C) A quick breakfast and everyone was quickly working out their morning pack up routines.



We were pleasantly surprised at the conditions of the roads, particularly as this area had recently seen some heavy rain fall. Some of the edges still showed signs of being soft and muddy.

It was along this part of the trip we started noticing some of the bird life of the outback. We saw numerous Brolgas (failed to get a photo- despite Colin's willingness to go off road), Bustards (another large bird) and Wedge Tail Eagles.

We were excited to check out the Museum in Ilfracombe (just before Longreach) with all the outside machinery lined up along the highway. Last time we drove through here it was 40 Deg so we only saw it from inside the car. Luckily this time the weather was much milder and we had a relaxing walk and a lunch break.






As we drove into Longreach Colin had to stop at the Qantas Museum and get a shot of the car/van in front of the Jumbo. Perfect timing and some forgiving tourists allowed this to happen - a great shot.



As we headed out of Longreach towards Winton we noticed the scenery change dramatically. The land had become very barren showing signs of the drought.

Winton was a challenging town last time we visited due to the heat - and this visit was no different - just different challenges. We got lost finding the caravan park (if that is possible in Winton). With the GPS and Amanda confusing Colin to the point we seemed to see the town twice before finding camp. The site we had was nice and grassy but that is about where the nice stopped. The town runs on bore water - very smelly bore water. We believe it has something to do with the Sulfur in the soil. Both the girls came back from the shower in tears because of the smell. Apparently the water is fine and safe but just when it gets into the air it smells (bad). Rotten Egg gas bad !! True !!

The Caravan park was across the road from a pub so we thought the worst - luckily the noise seemed to stop at 10.30pm.






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