Friday, June 24, 2016

2016 Uluru Roadtrip - Greenbank to Chinchilla

Colin and the kids were ready and waiting for Amanda to get home from work so we could all hit the road. An easy drive (this time) up the Toowoomba range and we were soon on the lookout for kangaroos as the sun set.

For a laugh we stopped by Luke & Cody's House (House Rules TV Show) in Dalby. We were a little underwhelmed with what we saw from the road. It looked much better on TV. It was being guarded by a bunch of blokes on the verandah. Luke & Cody must have been out of town - the Grand Final a little over a week away.

The roads were quiet as the sun set on our first day. No Kangaroos were spotted right up to Chinchilla Weir. We were not expecting to be able to plug into the free power available here but to our surprise there was a few spots available. We had packed 2 power leads - luckily.


Photos for the complete trip are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #TeamBrayRoadTrip2016

TeamBray Camp 2016
Bright and Cheerful ready for our 7500km Adventure to the Centre of Australia
TeamBray Hit the Road
TeamBray Hit the Road

It wasn't long until the kids wanted to 'test' the new Seagate Hard drive streaming over 400GB of movies to their devices.

Testing the Seagate Wireless Hard Drive

Chinchilla Weir - with power :) A great way to spend our first night

Chinchilla Weir QLD
Chinchilla Weir QLD

Ready to hit the Road at Chinchilla Weir

TeamBray Kids Chinchilla Weir
TeamBray Kids Chinchilla Weir


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