Monday, June 30, 2014

Cape York 2014 Brisbane - Wonga Beach

After a year of talking and planning our trip we finally set out for Cape York on Friday afternoon the 27th June. We drove to Childers to meet up with the rest of the Crew.

Cape York here we come

On Saturday we were on the road early stopping for breakfast before getting some k's behind us.

Early morning in Childers
After a long day on the road we pulled into Jollimont Caravan park just north of Mackay around 5pm. Setting up the tents for the first time on the road went well and we were soon relaxing with a cold drink.
Unfortunately we didn't read the 'fine print' about the caravan park. We were camped right next to a freight railway line which meant frequent trains throughout the night. The winner was the train that came through at 1.30am and blew its horn right next to camp.
Thankfully the light rain showers that came through during the night didn't bother us and we all managed to get a few hours good sleep.
The next day saw us travel to Hull Heads near Tully. A beautiful seaside campground with warm showers for $15 per camp. After setting up we were advised of a 3.5m female croc that also liked our camp. We believe she was living only 30-40m from us. We didn't bump into her. We'd stay here again.
We had a stop at Bowen for a few quick pics of the big Mango.
A quick stop in Bowen


Sunset at Hull Head
Hull Head Camp

On Sunday we moved onto Wonga Beach and stayed at Pinnacle Caravan Park. We could hear the waves from our tents. A relaxing walk along the beach made us feel like we were actually on holidays.

Wonga Beach
Wonga Beach Camp.

Colin decided to try his hand at preparing some of the local cuisine. The kids loved both sugar cane and coconut.


Fuel stops so far. We've made it a long way so far
Rainbow Bee Eater












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