Monday, April 28, 2014

Maroon Dam - Anzac Day Long Weekend 2014

Camping for the first time at Maroon Dam will be remembered for many reasons.

We were camping for the first time with a big group of families from Church. We made some new friendships and the kids had plenty of other kids to play with.

We rode on Jet Skis and went tubing for the first time. The kids and Colin absolutely loved it. Guess what is now going to be on everyone's birthday and Christmas wish list.

Unfortunately our time was cut short when Nathan fell on a soccer ball badly breaking his leg (femur) on Saturday evening. The ambulance was called and we were soon on our way to the Mater hospital. 1.45 hours later we arrived.

Everyone back at camp helped us pack up so Colin and the girls could go home as soon as possible. Their help was such a blessing.

Teambray camp
Maroon Dam camping
Nathan on the jet ski with Nic
Tubing at Maroon Dam
Having fun on the water



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