Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bald Rock Creek National Park

Bald Rock Creek National Park - RoadTrip 2012

Lat 28 49 58 S Long 151 56 05 E

OK, we were meant to head to Bald Rock National Park but we ended up down the road at Bald Rock Creek National park. Who would have thought there would be 2 places with such similar names. One thing we learnt - this place is not suitable for anything bigger than a camper trailer.... which is probably why the sign out front says NO CARAVANS. Anyway, we were tired, hungry and some of us needed a shower. We careful drove, scraped and squeezed our way in. After 2 weeks it was our first BLOOD PRESSURE RAISING moment as we worked out how to get the Expanda into a spot. All was good within minutes.

NEXT STOP ... HOME (well, TeamPercy's for a party, then home)

TeamBray Camp Bald Rock

TeamBray Breakfast - Work in Progress
TeamBray Breakfast
We figure this was Bald Rock ??
One of the walks near camp
TeamBray Loz and Nathan
TeamBray ActionDad
TeamBray Kids Bald Rock Creak Campground



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