Sunday, October 28, 2012

Glen Riddle Recreation Reserve

Glenn Riddle Recreation Reserve, NSW. RoadTrip 2012


Camp area 39km South of Baraba in NSW.

Camps #371 Lat 30 27 01 S Long 150 41 34 E

Heading North after a great trip around Lithgow, Orange, Bathurst and Mudgee we hadn't quite expected anything else great along the way. Each stop now was just just going to be a quick afternoon setup, dinner, sleep and move on. We rolled into Lake Keepit and after being told we'd need to hand over $42 for a one-night stay in the bush camping area we opened the CAMPS book for an alternative. We stopped at 2 free stays which weren't quite what we had hoped for. We soon stumbled on Glenn Riddle Reserve. This place deserves 2 ticks in the CAMPS book. A large open area with great views of a Lake, clean (drop) toilets, bbq areas and, at the time, was stocked with a modest amount of wood - suitable for cook - not sitting around toasting marshmallows.

At the time there were about 7 other campers setup - 2 of which were Big Rigs who didn't seem to be in a hurry to move on. In the morning we saw fish jumping out the of lake which was pretty cool to watch.

A Free Stay will awesome views - a great way to spend the afternoon

TeamBray Camp at Glenn Riddle Reserve

TeamBray at Glenn Riddle Reserve


TeamBray Camp from the AR Drone

TeamBray Breakfast - now that's a view we like to see !!


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