Saturday, April 2, 2016

Easter 2016 at Levuka

Another Easter at Levuka started out with great weather and lots of fellow campers. We were excited to hit the tracks on Friday morning and check out the conditions. We didn't get far when trouble struck - Colin deciding to do his own thing and take a detour into a muddy hole. It was quite an effort unsticking the Jeep (even the trusty Audi winch packed it in). Eventually our 'short' morning drive was under way again and we headed back to camp for lunch. 

Slightly Stuck

Recovery under way

Easter Saturday was Hippie Dress up day. It was alot of fun around camp.

Cool Dudes


More Peace

More cool dudes

Team Bray kids

Hippie Family

Over the weekend the campfire was a favourite place to be. The boys made sure we had heaps of fire wood to keep it going.

Campfire Central

Cooking up a storm

Team Bray Breakfast - it was worth the wait

Easter Sunday saw Amanda participate in the Damper Cook off making a gluten free / lactose free option.

Damper Cook Off

Team Bray Camp

Sunday night was finsihed off by a fantastic fireworks display. A great weekend all round.

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