Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Woodgate 2015/16 - Part 3

 As the last few days of the holiday approached we had to make sure we ticked off all the 'must do's' before we had to pack up and head home.

A drive up to Walkers Point on the beach was on the list. Colin wanted get some more beach shots of the new car. The drive didn't disappoint. As we were cruising up the beach we spotted a huge eagle resting in a tree. We stopped and admired it for a while. Eventually we drove away - but saw something really unique. The eagle had flown away and then landed back in the tree holding a massive fish. What an amazing thing to see.

Team Bray kids

Team Bray beach drive
An amazing bird

It caught a fish

Playing in the sand

More fun

Our last day came around too quickly - we had planned to drive home in the evening in the hope to avoid traffic. This meant we had some time to kill after packing up and having a swim - so lunch at the Cafe was in order (besides everything was packed up in the van). We had a smooth drive home with very little traffic - life was quickly back to reality for us. See you again in December Woodgate.  

Last day lunch - yum
Team Bray - more fun in the sun and sand. 

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