Monday, January 11, 2016

Woodgate 2015-16 - Part 2

Colin rounded up a few friends from the caravan park and we went for a drive through Kinkuna National Park and up the beach. Everyone had a go a the beach hill track - was a bit of fun for everyone (some made it look harder than it was). 

Once everyone had successfully made it around - we headed back to camp - careful not be caught out with the incoming tide. 

Checking out the track

Lined up - who is going to go first? 

The new Patrol did it easy (when Colin was driving)

It's all about the power. 

Most mornings Colin and I enjoyed some morning time down at the beach without the kids (they were usually still in bed) with either a cuppa or a short beach walk.

Early morning (pre-breakfast) cuppa at the beach. 

A fishing trip up to the Creek at the secret location at low tide was a must. We waded across the channel and pumped some yabbies.

Then we attempted to cross the next channel to the island for fishing - several near sting ray encounters later we all made it across. Madi and I nearly stood on a few during 2 attempts to cross. We waited for the tide to go out further for our third and final attempt at crossing. We made it.
Nathan was the first to catch a fish.

Nathan's catch of the day. 

Beach walk selfie

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