Monday, October 12, 2015

Kenilworth Homestead - Oct Long Weekend 2015

Our maiden voyage with the new 18 foot Jayco Expanda saw us return for the second year to Kenilworth Homestead for the October long weekend. A slight detour to Jayco to get the solar panels working and we were on our way up the highway. The bigger van towed well behind the Patrol. 

On arrival at the campground we thought ourselves lucky to get a spot up high right on the river front. Setting up went smoothly - we love the new van. 

The weekend would be spent swimming in the river, cooking damper and competing in the Bush Olympics. Colin was determined to win. 
Competition day arrived and we had our game plan all worked out. Archery was first up - Amanda did well with a bullseye and a good double pointer on 8 for the Golden Arrow. Boiling the billy was a challenge with the first match going out without lighting the fire. The second match lit and we went about lighting as many sticks and leaves, sacrificing a few eyebrown hairs along the way. We boiled the water in great time. 
Onto sack racing and horse show tossing - with Colin hitting the mark with a perfect toss. Had he been practising? 
This had put us in good contention for the second day of racing - the Canoe race and Orienteering. Even with a collision in the canoe race we managed a great time. The Orienteering was simpler this year - NICE !
Final points were announced around the Sausage Sizzle lunch (with Gluten Free catering !!) - and the WINNERS are TEAM BRAY. Yep we won. All that strategy and running around like crazy people was worth it. 

We'll be back in 2016 to defend our title.

For information on Kenilworth Homestead visit

teambray Kenilworth Homestead 2015
Teambray Camp

teambray breakfast
Breakfast with river views

teambray jayco
The new van

teambray Kenilworth Homestead 2015
Bush Olympics - Sack Race

teambray Kenilworth Homestead 2015
Teambray Flag

teambray Kenilworth Homestead 2015
Bush Olympics - Canoe Race

teambray Kenilworth Homestead 2015

teambray Kenilworth Homestead 2015
Teambray - Bush Olympics WINNERS

teambray kenilworth 2015 winners

We will be back next year to defend our title. 

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