Friday, July 3, 2015

2015 Roadtrip - Dingo Beach / Hideaway Bay

Today being another chillax day we just couldnt spend it sitting around in the caravan park. Its way too noisy and busy !!
We jumped in the car and headed for Dingo Beach. Wow, this is more like it. A small quite town, beatiful beach and SO QUIET !! We spent about an 90 minutes walking the beach and spotted 3 sea turtles along the way. A perfect spot to launch a boat. This place would be an awesome spot in summer.

Dingo Beach

Bray Kids - all smiles

Dingo Beach - beautiful

Turtle popping up to say hi

Exploring the rocks

Lauren going exploring

Another beautiful view

Getting fit with huge beach walks

Madilyn annoying the local sea life 

The town has a small pub where we grabbed a great takeaway lunch to eat on the beach . I highly recommend the Dingo burger. No I didn't ask what was in it .. but there was plenty of meat.
After visiting Dingo Beach we headed North to Hideaway Bay .. and again another beautiful spot away from civilisation. As we drove along we could see the water .. the kids commented that it almost didn't look real .. the water was bright AQUA in colour.. very unusual like in a photograph.

Lunch at Dingo Beach

Hideaway Bay
Hideaway Bay

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