Sunday, January 12, 2014

Woodgate 2013/14 Part 4

Words and Pictures

We asked the kids to think of as many words as possible that are associated with Woodgate this year. This is a sample of what they came up with: sand, waves, birds, the Creek, friends, wind, chips, fish, jellies, sea lice, shells, crabs, kites and injuries.

Woodgate birds
Regular visitors to our camp neighbour


Teambray at Woodgate
Pictures of Woodgate


The Boat

Our trusty inflatable boat proved to be the source of much fun once again. Unfortunately it didn't make it home. The kids stood up in it one too many times and the bottom ripped out of it. It was still inflated and therefore made a giant swimming ring which ended up being just as much fun to play in.


Lauren and her injuries

Within the first week Lauren got a mystery bite on the top of her foot which turned into a very nasty blister (pics too yuk to post here). 2 trips to the doctor, 1 to Bundaberg hospital (to make sure there wasn't any foreign object) and 2 rounds of antibiotics it started to get a bit better - WHEN she came off a bike (the chain came off). This resulted in a scraped wrist, elbow, knee and of course she scraped the bite. Poor Lauren limped around camp and to the beach each day.

Lauren nursing her injuries


Wrap Up

The last few days were spent with the kids making even more new friends, swimming at the creek and watching other people catch fish. With the caravan park being a bit quieter the kids were able turn a concrete site into a handball court. This attracted a few extra kids and soon became very competitive.

Thankfully the wind died down enough and the jellyfish stayed away to let us have one last swim at the beach on our last day.

By the time we had to go home (after a 3 week stay)aa only Madi wanted to leave so she could see her kitten Sid. The rest of us could have easily stayed longer. So until next time - farewell (the memories will just have to be enough).


Madilyn at Woodgate beach


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