Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Woodgate 2013/14 Part 3


The kids have been having a ball with their Woodgate friends. Trips to the beach involve surf mats and tonka trucks. The boys make (COMP TRUCK) obstacle tracks for the trucks.

Woodgate friends
Woodgate friends



More fishing

It was a three way competition to see which family could catch the most fish. Team Bray and Team Percy got one each, with the Fitzys caching nothing (not for the lack of trying).


Team Bray fishing
Madi's catch


TeamBray fishing
Team Bray vs Team Percy



The Creek

A morning trip to the Creek was heaps of fun with the water cool and clean. Lizzie loved floating on the surf mat.



Big Breaky

Another camp breakfast prepared on the BBQ.

TeamBray Camp Breakfast
Colin's Breaky


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