Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Emu Park - Roadtrip 2013

Heading East from Winton we found a small tidy caravan park in Alpha. Was great to have a real shower and relax with an afternoon cool breeze.

The heat in Winton/Longreach had taken its toll with a few important items starting to fail. Listing these items - not all were from the heat.

  • Primus stove - gas hose exploded in the heat
  • Optima 2nd Battery - died, expanded and got very hot!!
  • Tyre pressure gauge - seized up
  • 2nd tank isolator tap (plastic) - handle smashed by rocks
  • Frying pan - coating came off !!! It was new !! How will we cook Bacon !!


As we werent due into Agnes Waters / 1770 for a few days we made some calls to find a place to stay. TeacherMum Googled Emu Park which turned out to be a great spot just 40km East of Rockhamton. Bells Park Caravan Park was nice and quiet with green grassy sites, clean amenities and a very short walk to the beach. The local swimming pool is adjacent to the park if you'd prefer to keep the sand off your feet. A few minute walk to the local IGA for some bread and we were all good for another few days.


Beach outside caravan park


Lauren and Colin having fun in the sand


Great view


Boys will be boys


The water was so nice.


More beach views.


Smile for the camera.


Nice view Lauren


Emu Park Signing Ship TeamBray
Emu Park signing ship


Emu Park singing ship
Emu Park singing ship


View from the Singing Ship.




The kids are way down there. Piece and quiet for a few minutes.

I'm a sucker for junk mail. We received a whole bunch of flyers from Reception at the park. Everyone was offering tours or ferry rides to Great Keppel Island. This was something we had to try. After sleeping on the idea we decided to book in a tour with Sail Capricornia on Grace II with Anthony & Vicki. I guess the next Blog post will be all about the cruise !!!


Our ride for tomorrow Sail Capricornia
Our ride for tomorrow - Grace II



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