Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Katoomba Scenic Park / Lithgow Lake Lyell

We woke up at Lake Lyell near Lithgow NSW. For $15 a night this place is a bargain. For $20 you get power but cannot have a camp fire so we opted for no power.
The kangaroos camp close by and gave the girls a huge fright one night as they walked through a bush track to the toilet.
Scenic Park was great fun and the kids really enjoyed it. Plenty of Japanese tourists - once again very keen to take pics of our kids. ActionDad came to the rescue when one Japanese lady lost her hat over a safety rail ... a nice easy rescue met by plenty of Japanese THANK YOUs. Was funny. It wasn't that scary .. just don't look down.
We were allowed to mount the GoPro on the front carriage of the soon-to-be-upgraded Scenic Railway. Will post that vid when we get home.
Luckily we bought the chainsaw as we found there is plenty of firewood on the sides of the road.

Scenic Railway - GOING DOWN

Scenic Railway - GOING UP

Scenic Cableway & Skyway

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