Sunday, June 24, 2012

LandCruiser Mountain Park

LandCruiser Mountain Park

                                      Where did we go - Boys trip to LCMP

When - June 23/24th 2012

How long did we stay - 1 nights

Vehicle / Caravan - Jeep

This was my first trip away with some boys without TeacherMum making sure I behaved. Needless to say the Jeep took on lots of muddy water on Day 1. I never actually got stuck but if I had persevered then a lot of water would have gone into many bad places !!

What we did find was that the Jeep has a great ability to flex even with the small mods Westside 4x4 did to it. Very impressed.

Video 1 - Camp Road in my Jeep

Video 2 - Christian in his GU Patrol

Video 3 - ActionDad & Co @ LandCruiser Mountain Park

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