Friday, January 13, 2012

Woodgate 2011 - Week 2

Woodgate 2011 - Beach, Beach Drives, Sharks, Sting Rays and Soldier Crabs


Week 2 saw us do a little more fishing with some live bait. Teachermum caught herself a Dart so she was happy.

Madi caught an old lady. Well, she pulled her from the water (this might have been Wk 1) The poor old lady could not get up and was stuck face down where the waves broke and the sand was soft. Madi was very brave and was shocked afterwards, once she realised what she did.

The beach started getting more visitors, some Jelly Fish, a Sting Ray, a Star Fish and some Dolphins. One afternoon we watched some schools of Bait Fish heading South while a Shark headed North torward them. That soon got people out of the water. The LifeGuard confirmed it was a shark but could not see it clear enough to say what it was.

We did some more beach driving with a bunch of people from the Park. The Kinkuna trip was the first. Driving the dirt section of the track with tyre pressures still at 40psi sure made our teeth rattle.... even the sandy tracks were corrugated. Once we reached the beach we dropped our tyre pressures ... well most of us did. Bruce let his down too after his Cruiser decided it didn't want to get it's feet wet.

Another beach drive saw us head south of Woodgate along the beach to Burrum Heads. The beach here at low tide is like driving on a highway (the same beach as in Week 1) This time we stopped to play with the Soldier Crabs. (aka March Crabs if you happen to ask an 8 yr old what they are called)

The kids have made a whole bunch of new friends this year and so have we. The strongest friendship seems to be between our kids and Connor and Nathan (yep, 2 Nathans) We look forward to camping with them again in a few weeks.

Tomorrow many of our friends head home, back to work. 1 more week for us to go. 

Kids found a Star Fish

Getting ready to snatch Bruce's Cruiser

Bruce lets his tyres down and drove out

"Yep, that's a SHARK", said the LifeGuard

There's a pod of Dolphins out there .. really there is

Where else would you rather be - Woodgate Beach

Madi caught a tiny crab

We went for a drive along the beach to Burrum Heads
Kids are Burrum Heads

Burrum Heads - Soldier Crabs

Burrum Heads - Soldier Crabs

Nathan and Nathan

Our group on the Burrum Heads trip

Even Lizzie knows how to relax at Woodgate

A night out for Dinner at the Bowling Club

Yummo, morning tea !!

Kids chillin at the beach

Nathan & Loz up a tree

Madilyn loses her sand castle

TeacherMum caught a Dart !!

Connor, Nathan, Madi & Loz

Nathan burying himself

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